At The Vital Elements, we offer a broad spectrum of services, ranging from IV infusion therapy and injections to non-surgical aesthetic enhancements like neurotoxin, fillers and chemical peels. Each one of these treatments are designed to help you achieve optimal health and leave you feeling good – both inside and out. Not sure what your body really needs? Schedule a consultation with one of our expert medical professionals, and we’ll help guide you through your journey to a healthier, happier life.

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Medical Aesthetics

If you’re unhappy with your appearance but are unsure which procedure would be best for you, come see us for a consultation. During your appointment, we will sit down with you and come up with a plan designed just for you. We’ll introduce you to our treatments, and educate you on ways to meet your aesthetic goals over time. You will leave with a plan in place and if necessary, recommendations for products, supplements and lifestyle changes to maximize your beauty ritual. If you decide to proceed with any services or make any product purchases that day, your consultation fee will be applied toward those services or products.


IV Wellness and Nutrition

IV infusion therapy and injections have been in practice for several decades, but has only become more mainstream in the past few years, so we understand if you have some questions. We’re here to answer them, all while putting you on the right path to achieving optimal wellness. If you’ve been struggling with medical issues – fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, dehydration – IV infusion therapy might be right for you. During your consultation, our specialists will review your full medical history, assess your health goals and develop a personalized plan just for you. Bonus: If you opt for one of our services that day, consultation costs will be applied toward your treatment.

Uncover The Source of Your Symptoms

Micronutrient Testing

Every individual is different, which is why we offer lab services that help us dig deeper into your particular nutritional and digestive insufficiencies, food sensitivities and environmental allergies.
Micronutrients are vital to essential functions in your body and every aspect of your health, from preventing diseases to maintenance of tissue function and metabolism. When your body is deprived of these micronutrients, the effects show; you feel sluggish, unable to concentrate and constantly fatigued. These deficiencies occur for a host of different reasons. Some people have trouble absorbing these nutrients from certain foods, which carry important vitamins, minerals, and other compounds. Health conditions, aging, and lifestyle choices also play a role in nutrient deficiency.

To replenish these depleted reserves, we have to first understand what you’re missing and how much of it your body actually needs. That’s where micronutrient testing comes in. We work with SpectraCell Laboratories, drawing two vials of blood,  to measure 31 vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites, and their effect on your body. By pinpointing just what your body is starved for, we can begin your journey to fulfilling your nutrient needs and achieving optimal wellness.